Commercial Trust, members of NACFB

The Commercial Trust NACFB membership number is M/0036/14.

Who are NACFB?

NACFB stands for the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers. NACFB operates in the UK and has been active since 1992. NACFB maintains, promotes and enforces its industry-recognised Code of Practice for and on behalf of its members with their financial protection in mind.

The NACFB Code of Practice

The NACFB Code of Practice is intended to protect commercial finance customers by ensuring that member brokers, such as Commercial Trust, are obligated to deliver high standards of professional practice designed specifically with the customer’s best interests in mind.

The code covers the following areas:

  • Objectives of NACFB
  • Rules of Conduct
  • Complaints and Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Code for Lease & Asset Finance Brokers
  • Code Residential Investment Mortgage Intermediaries
  • Code for Motor Vehicle Finance Brokers

To read the NACFB Code of Practice in full you can view it in PDF format on the NACFB website.

What NACFB membership means for customers of Commercial Trust

The Rules of Conduct outlined in the NACFB Code of Practice are particularly pertinent in addressing how our membership will affect you as a customer. Our adherence to the

Code ensures that we:

  • Operate our business in an honest, fair and reasonable manner
  • Provide clear communications to customers at all stages of our process
  • Act for customers only upon receipt of written instruction
  • Treat customers and third parties fairly and courteously
  • Do not use confidential information improperly
  • Give impartial and objective advice to customers
  • Work with only reputable lenders
  • Advertise our services accurately, honestly and without causing offence
  • Maintain proper records on behalf of clients and disclose them as required
  • Uphold an effective complaints procedure
  • Are suitably licensed in adherence to appropriate legislation and regulation 
  • Have appropriate professional indemnity insurance

In essence, that we operate our business in a manner that you as a customer would wish us to, for the safeguarding of your best interests and given the responsibility you entrust us with when dealing with your financial concerns.

As a customer of Commercial Trust you may also wish to read our statement on Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and our Terms of Use.