Bridging Finance

  • Borrow from £25,000 to £25,000,000
  • Access to funds within days
  • Raise money for any purpose

Raise funds for any purpose with bridging finance and loans. If you need cash quickly or have a tight deadline, bridging finance provides a fast turnaround and can ‘bridge the gap’ until you have more permanent funding. If your situation ticks any of the below, contact us for a free quote.

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Property refurbishment

We can help you get bridging finance to cover the cost of renovating your home or a property. Whether you want to refurbish or have plans for a whole new development project, we offer quick short-term finance as a solution. By increasing the value of your home you can boost your held equity and maximise the return on a rental investment.

Buying property at auction

When buying auction properties, there is usually a 28-day time frame to complete the purchase. Once you’ve paid the 10% deposit for your buy to let or commercial property, bridging finance can cover the sale quickly, ensuring you don’t miss the deadline.

Learn more about bridge to let finance.

Buying an uninhabitable property

It is not possible to take out a conventional mortgage for property that is in general poor condition (e.g. no bathroom or kitchen). Bridging finance from Commercial Trust allows you to buy and renovate or refurbish a property for buy to let or commercial purposes with ease. We provide the temporary funding needed to do it up properly so you won’t miss out on an investment opportunity.

Raising capital

If you need cash quickly for any legal purpose, Commercial Trust can help. Our expert advisers can find the best bridging deal to fund holidays, children’s education, car purchases, deposits and even VAT bills.  

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