Caveat loan

  • Borrow from £25,000 up to £25,000,000
  • Get cash within a few days
  • Borrow for any legal purpose
  • No minimum income required

A caveat loan is short-term finance also known as a bridging loan. With a caveat loan, cash can be released within days, making it incredibly helpful if you’re in a situation where you need money fast or have a tight deadline.

For a fast turnaround, we can arrange a caveat loan tailored to your financial needs. Whether you’re looking to raise capital, invest in new property or purchase stock for your business, we can help. fill in our bridging enquiry form to get the ball rolling.  

Take out a caveat loan to:

Raise capital

There are times you may need emergency cash or money to cover the cost of something until you can find a longer-term solution. This could include property sales, holidays, car purchases and even VAT bills. Finding capital to pay for an auction property can also prove difficult in the 28-day time frame. Once you’ve paid a deposit, a caveat loan can finance the sale until you sort out a conventional mortgage.

Renovate property

A caveat loan can pay for refurbishment costs and renovation projects, enabling the value and equity to increase. With quick access to funds, you can do up the property to a quality standard and be able to make a profit if you choose to sell it on. For property that is deemed unfit for occupation (no bathroom, kitchen or heating system), it is not possible to obtain a conventional mortgage. Bridging loans can finance the restoration or refurbishment on the property so it is possible to eventually secure a mortgage.

Improve your business

Caveat loans are perfect if you need to invest in commercial property, help with cashflow or update stock for your company. We understand that as a business, you’ll have tight deadlines to stick to, especially when securing investment opportunities. A commercial bridging loan can provide funds quickly and efficiently so your business can reap the benefits of any good deals and investments.

For flexible short-term finance, contact us to find the most suitable bridging loan for your financial needs. We are a specialist broker and have access to all types of bridging deals and rates. We can help you get the money you need quickly without hassle. By using the bridging loan rate calculator today or contact us directly, one of our advisors can review your personal situation to match the best caveat loan for you.