Ex-council and local authority properties can be attractive to property investors, but some buy to let mortgage lenders will refuse to finance these purchases.

Perhaps you have encountered one of more of the following barriers:

  • The lender will fund the purchase, but impose a heavy LTV (loan to value) cap;
  • The lender requires that the property has been privately owned for a minimum period (we may be able to help if the property has been privately owned for at least 5 years);
  • The lender imposes a minimum property value (our minimum property value is £40,000 as standard);
  • The lender will outright refuse to fund an ex-council or local authority purchase

Whatever the case, we may be able to help.

BTL mortgages for ex-council properties

We have access to a number of lenders who will agree to finance ex-council and local authority properties. To see what we can offer, simply get in touch using either of the numbers at the top of this page, or request a quote online.

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