75% LTV buy-to-let mortgages

Rate Product Monthly cost LTV Lender fee APR
2.04% then 5.54% Fixed for 27 months Fixed for 27 months £170 75% £2,203 4.90% Enquire
2.09% then 4.74% Fixed for 27 months Fixed for 27 months £174 75% £1,265 4.50% Enquire
2.09% then 4.99% Tracker for 27 months Tracker for 27 months £174 75% £2,510 4.80% Enquire

Do you have 25% deposit available for a buy-to-let mortgage? 

Contact us today to find the right 75 btl mortgage to meet your financial goals. Our team can help with fixed and variable rate options and will be there for you from mortgage application to payout.

75 ltv mortgage repayment options

You can choose 75 loan to value mortgage products which have repayment or interest only terms. We will take you through the relevant bank or lender criteria to make sure you have the best chance of acceptance from the lender. 

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