Buy to let repayment mortgage

Rate Reverting Rate
Lender Fee Product
1.49% then 5.00% Tracker for 24 months 5.00% 60% £2283 Tracker 24 months Enquire
1.59% then 4.74% Fixed for 27 months 4.74% 60% £2209 Fixed 28 months Enquire
1.59% then 5.54% Fixed for 28 months 5.54% 60% £2223 Fixed 28 months Enquire
  • Decision in principle within two hours
  • Borrow from £15,000 to £1,500,000
  • Get your money in as little as three weeks

What are buy to let repayment mortgages?

A BTL repayment mortgage describes a product that pays off both the interest you are charged on the amount you have borrowed from the lender and a portion of the capital (initial sum you borrowed) each month.

As your repayments reduce the size of the capital owed, the element of your repayment covering the interest will reduce and the amount you pay off the capital will increase.

At the end of the term you will have paid off all interest and the full amount that you borrowed, meaning you then own the property outright*.

The benefits to landlords of a btl repayment mortgage

  • Overall debt reduces with each repayment
  • Own the property at the end of the term*
  • Increases in interest rates have less impact than with interest only mortgages

Buy to let repayment mortgages are ideal for those looking for a long-term investment either to generate an income to supplement or replace income from employment in the longer term, or to provide for your retirement alongside or in place of a pension (seek advice from a qualified accountant regarding any tax implications).

If you are about to purchase a rental property, or you are looking to find a better rate for an existing property, speak to our qualified team. We will provide you with a free quote and can secure a decision in principle from a lender within two hours.

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*As long as all payments are made on time.

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