Debt consolidation buy-to-let mortgage

There are buy to let mortgages available if you are looking to consolidate debts or have experienced credit problems in the past. 

  • Consolidate debt into one affordable monthly repayment
  • Find a mortgage to fit your situation
  • Borrow from £15,000 to £1,500,000
  • Get you money within as little as 3 weeks

Consolidate your debts with a buy-to-let remortgage

Debt consolidation is not a new concept. If you’re finding it difficult to manage your outgoings from month to month due to multiple debt repayments, debt consolidation can offer a manageable solution. As a buy to let landlord, you have the added pressure of maintaining a healthy cash-flow for expenses on top of monthly mortgage repayments, such as repairs, agency fees and meeting health and safety requirements. One option to consolidate credit cards, loans and overdrafts available to landlords is to use the equity in your buy to let property.

Using equity in a buy-to-let property to pay off debt 

By remortgaging your rental property you can take cash out of your property to pay off your other debts and be left with one affordable payment each month. There are, however, some down-sides you would need to consider before taking out debt consolidation buy to let mortgage. Whilst mortgage interest rates are cheaper than other borrowing, a mortgage is long term and you may pay more. Also, any previously unsecured debt would then be secured against your house*.

In order to be able to provide you with the best advice our advisers will need to make a detailed assessment of your financial situation and will need to go through with you your payment history and affordability before making a recommendation.

Been turned down by a buy to let mortgage lender?

Do you have a slightly complicated credit history? Maybe you missed some credit card payments once, and now you’re finding it difficult to secure a buy to let mortgage. We can help as we are well versed in finding buy to let mortgages to suit all kinds of situations. Our expert team of advisors will search a comprehensive range of lenders and products to find the most suitable mortgage for you.

Get in touch via the phone numbers at the top of this page or fill in our no obligation quote form and we'll call you.

*Please give careful thought before adding debts to your mortgage. By securing money not previously secured against your property, you risk losing your home if you are unable to keep up with the repayments.

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