Local and regional landlords association list

Landlord Associations provide buy to let investors the opportunity to stay up to date on changes to laws and regulations in the private rental sector.

Landlord associations can help many types of landlords

Self-managing buy to let properties in particular places all the responsibility in the hands of the landlord, but even landlords who use a letting agent have a lot of factors to take into consideration.

Below is a list of regional and national landlord associations across the UK:

Regional landlord associations

Whilst regional landlords associations don’t have the exposure or political clout of their national counterparts, they are often able to work on a more intimate level with local government and have a better idea of legal developments as they affect their particular area.

Many regional landlord associations allow their members to advertise their properties to local tenants, and offer a good way to network with local landlords, letting agents and other businesses.

Here are some of the largest regional landlords associations operating in England:

National landlord associations

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