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Be aware that your actual return on investment will vary depending on a variety of factors and your personal circumstances, our advisers can provide a personalised illustration.

‘Yield’ is a term used to describe the return on the cash invested into an asset or other investment vehicle – in this case, a rental property – and is expressed as a percentage.

There are a number of ways in which you can calculate the rental yield, each one giving you a different indication of how well your investment is performing at any given point in time.

Simply select the type of yield you wish to calculate from the drop down menu, insert the required information and click ‘calculate’.

Working out your buy-to-let rate of return and yield

  1. Your gross yield is your return on investment before deductions such as taxes and expenses, whilst your net yield is your annual return after such expenses are taken into account.
  2. Your ‘real’ yield is your net return on investment plus capital appreciation, giving a truer indication of the investment’s performance.
  3. Finally, your true rate on return is your annual yield against the total amount of capital invested thus far – this includes purchasing costs, running costs and the total amount of Buy to Let mortgage repayments made.

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Learn more about calculating rental yield

Read more about calculating gross, net and real yields here: Calculating the profit of a Buy to Let portfolio.

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