Expat buy to let mortgages

Being a British citizen and finding a mortgage for property purchases in the UK from another country is difficult. This becomes  more problematic when you want to buy a rental property.

At Commercial Trust we are specialists in the expat / non resident mortgage market, we work directly with the specialist lenders who finance these loans and we understand their lender criteria and interest rates. 

How to get an expat buy to let mortgage 

  1. Expat buy to let mortgages can be difficult to secure. This is because the potential risk involved for the lender is higher than with other products and as a result the criteria for eligibility is tightly controlled.
  2. The chances are that if you were just to go to a high street lender or to your own bank or building society you could struggle to find a suitable product as they occupy a very small niche due to their specialist nature.
  3. Speaking to a dedicated broker such as ourselves gives you a much stronger chance of success because we know where to look to find specialist expat mortgage products.

Mortgage options for expats

When you are planning your investment we will discuss with you how you would like to repay your mortgage. The options are:

Capital repayment - where your repayments go towards both the interest accrued on the sum you have borrowed and the outstanding balance.

Interest only - where your repayments only cover the interest accrued against your debt - be mindful that as a result you will still owe the money you have borrowed at the end of the term of your mortgage and you must have an exit strategy in place to cover this.

Am I eligible for an expat mortgage?

Criteria for eligibility for expat mortgages is extremely strict and rigorous. As a minimum you must:

  • Be employed
  • Currently own UK property
  • Have a UK bank account

As a specialist buy to let broker we are well placed to help you identify your eligibility for an expat mortgage. In order to do so we will need to speak to you to fully understand your circumstances.

If you would like to discuss your potential for securing an expat mortgage contact us today.