Let to buy Mortgages

If you are looking to let out your existing home you will need to either gain consent to do so from your existing mortgage lender ("Consent to Let") or, if they do not permit you to do so, change your residential mortgage to an alternative type of product called a buy-to-let mortgage.

As the name suggests, a buy-to-let mortgage is designed specifically for individuals (landlords) who have bought a property with the specific intention of renting it out. 

If you are in the throes of making the transition from residential property to rental property, our team of qualified buy to let mortgage advisers will provide you with impartial advice on a product.

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Why become a landlord?

The most common reasons that homeowners opt for the let to buy process are to:

  • Make money from property in negative equity
  • Rent out a property when unable to sell it
  • Make money from a property they are relocating from
  • Start a property portfolio
  • A couple move in together and have a 'spare' home

Let to buy for ‘accidental’ landlords

The let to buy process is often one entered into by so-called ‘accidental’ landlords. It is not uncommon for someone to relocate temporarily for a job, or for a new couple to move in together and find themselves with a spare property they either cannot sell or would have to sell at a loss due to negative equity.

Converting your existing property into a rental property allows you to take advantage of high tenant demand and rising rental income, to not be forced to sell your home in an unfavourable market, and to have an investment for the future.

Becoming a landlord is a complex process, we have lots of advice available in our Landlord Guide Centre, particularly relevant is our Step by step guide to becoming a landlord

If you need guidance with a buy to let mortgage, speak to our team. They are courteous and helpful and can answer any questions you have. In addition our advice is impartial and we can select a mortgage from a wide range available in the marketplace. 

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