No exit penalty with 3.39% 5-year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage

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The upshot of Brexit holds a great deal of uncertainty and no-one knows what the impact on mortgage rates will be – whether up, down or steady as she goes, this product may benefit you.

By fixing over 5 years you are building in to your financial strategy a degree of security. Your rate and therefore your monthly repayment will remain unchanged over the initial rate period.

If Brexit were to bring mortgage rates down and the 3.39% rate you are paying becomes less favourable, then we would work with you to identify a better deal and you would not have to pay to get out of the existing mortgage.

Conversely, if Brexit results in a hike in mortgage rates you are protected by the fact that you have fixed your rate.

Talk to the team to see if this it the right deal for your forward planning:

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5-year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage

5-year fixed buy-to-let no exit penalty
Product typeInitial rateMax LTV*Product feeERC's**
5-year fixed 3.39% 75% £1,999 None


* Loan to Value

**Early Repayment Charge

Free valuation and remortgage transfer service

This deal offers a free valuation (instructed by the lender) of up to £700.00 on a purchase. If you are remortgaging, you also benefit from the lenders free Remortgage Transfer Service, which also includes free legal representation.

The Remortgage Transfer Service provides a simple way to remortgage with this lender. A conveyancer is appointed to act on your behalf, who will take care of the legal aspects of the mortgage transfer at no extra cost.

Minimise upfront costs

If you are keen to minimise your initial outlay when arranging your mortgage, this lender offers the facility to add the mortgage product fee (£1,999) to the loan.

It is important to be aware though that adding fees to your loan can impact the total repayment amount of the mortgage.

Default payments

This lender will consider applicants with a minor default in the last 3-years of less than £250, (credit cards, mail order and communications e.g. mobile phone bill) whether satisfied or not.  

The lender will also consider a maximum of one month’s arrears in the last year on unsecured debt.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility due to credit issues, speak to your advisor for guidance.

Mortgage criteria summary

  • Properties in England, Wales, mainland Scotland and the Isle of Skye
  • Available for purchase or remortgage
  • Minimum gross income of £25,000, £30,000 for joint incomes
  • Maximum age at application 75 years’ old
  • Max loan available on this deal - £500,000
  • Not available to limited company/LLP/SPV
  • Not available to expats

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This information should not be interpreted as financial advice. Mortgage and loan rates are subject to change.