Research reflects landlord confidence in buy-to-let

Landlord at work

The majority of buy-to-let landlords spoken to in a new survey, reflected an upbeat mood and attitude towards the industry.

Whilst punitive legislation has caused despondency and confusion in some quarters, rental income remains a sound investment proposition for many and this has been reflected in the results of research conducted by Knight Knox.

In a poll of 500 buy-to-let landlords, 59% said that they remained confident renting out property as a source of income, with only 11% indicating that they had lost confidence in the market, while 30% remained unsure in the present climate.

In a further re-endorsement, half of the landlords spoken to said that they plan to increase their buy-to-let portfolios in the next five years.

Andy Phillips, commercial director at Knight Knox, said:

The results of our survey would suggest that, despite ostensibly damaging changes to the market over the last few years, landlords remain positive about the returns this asset class can generate.

Andrew Turner, chief executive at Commercial Trust, commented:

“This report represents a really encouraging sign that an increasing number of landlords are looking at the longer-term prospects of investing in property.

Whilst recent Government changes have punished landlords and created an aura of uncertainty for many, the message is clear that buy-to-let can still offer a sound source of investment income. Bricks and mortar still provides one of the most stable investment options and the buy-to-let industry continues to deliver good yields despite the recent legislative turbulence.

“This research is good news for the industry and what better reassurance can there be that buy-to-let business is delivering, than when those reaping the rewards seek to invest further?

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