Help, advice and information on Covid-19 for UK landlords

The Commercial Trust Covid-19 landlord hub has information, help and advice for landlords who are managing buy to let mortgages and tenancies in the UK.;

The Commercial Trust Covid-19 landlord hub shares information, resources and help for those managing rental property across the UK amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

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The current buy to let mortgage lender position

We are an independent, specialist broker of buy to let mortgages, commercial mortgages and bridging loans.

Our lenders are representative of the UK marketplace. In the buy to let arena we normally work with in excess of 80 UK lenders, both high street and specialist.

Can I still get a buy to let mortgage or remortgage?


Currently, some fringe buy to let lenders have temporarily stopped taking new applications for buy to let mortgages, others have changed their lending criteria.

Can I still borrow at up to 85% loan to value?


85% loan to value products were temporarily taken off the market, but are now available again.

What is the maximum loan to value I can achieve, right now?

80% loan to value, subject to other criteria.

We need to know various information about you and your property before we can establish which product best suits your needs and circumstances, but at present there are still lenders accepting a 20% deposit on a buy to let mortgage.

What mortgage help has been offered to UK landlords?

UK Finance announced that help with mortgages would be extended beyond residential mortgage customers, to UK landlords too.

Support given to landlords

Who do I speak to about mortgage payment holidays?

Contact your mortgage lender if you need to arrange a mortgage payment holiday or to discuss the options available to you.

Contact your mortgage lender

Government guidance on the Coronavirus Act 2020

The Coronavirus Act encompasses information on possession proceedings, resources when tenants are unable to pay rent, making mortgage payments and health and safety obligations.

Information on the Coronavirus Act

Tenants asking for rent reductions / adhering to your mortgage contract

Practical information on what to do, what your obligations are and how you can navigate Covid-19

Tenant needs and your obligations

Holiday let landlords

Holiday let landlords are being urged to stop taking bookings, with fines applicable for those breaking lockdown rules

Holiday let landlords

Tenants who have to move during Coronavirus

Wherever possible, tenants should not move properties during lockdown. If a move is essential the following may help:

Tenants moving during the lockdown

This information should not be interpreted as financial advice. Mortgage and loan rates are subject to change.