Published: Friday 08 May, 2015 / Landlord law Updated: Thursday 31 December, 2015

Conservatives gain parliamentary majority

A surprise upswing for the Conservatives has given them an unexpected majority in UK Parliament.

Published: Tuesday 09 June, 2015 / Landlord law Updated: Tuesday 10 November, 2015

Deposit protection deadline is just two weeks away

The deadline to protect deposits received prior to 6 April 2007, when deposit protection law came into force, is fast approaching.

Published: Thursday 09 April, 2015 / Landlord law Updated: Wednesday 14 October, 2015

New section 8 form for English landlords

New legislation means that landlords in England must use updated versions of certain prescribed forms.

Published: Wednesday 08 May, 2013 / Landlord law Updated: Wednesday 14 October, 2015

Landlords told to check migrant tenants

New measures to tackle immigration were outlined in Queen's speech on 8th May 2013.