New research highlights tax concerns and positivity from BTL landlords

Landlord filling in a form

New research has highlighted tax concerns as a major issue among buy-to-let landlords, but also a strong sense of positivity for the future of the market.

The data, released by landlord insurer Direct Line for Business, puts taxation and economic uncertainty as the two main subjects concerning landlords, closely followed by inflation and the raft of changes to legislation.

The research comes as landlords are experiencing the effects of changes to the tax relief system, while increased regulation, such as the Right to Rent checks, have added further concern within the marketplace.

Even with the current uncertainty though, nearly a third of respondents stated that they remained positive that house prices would improve in the short-term, with 29% also stating that they believed the prevailing low interest rates would continue for the foreseeable future.

There were also grounds for optimism regarding landlord plans to remortgage their existing properties (rather than sell them), with 32% of landlords surveyed intending to do so, while 27% of landlords maintain confidence that the rental property market will remain in demand.

Whilst there remains plenty of uncertainty surrounding the impact of Brexit on the housing market, landlords considered this a lower priority and not one that made it into the top ten of short-term concerns.

From the survey, 28% of landlords actually believed that Brexit would bring positive benefits for landlords.

Many of the findings of this survey resonate with our chief executive Andrew Turner, who delivered a positive outlook for landlords in recent comments; for details see our news story “Buy-to-let will always be a strong investment”.

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