Customer service

We believe that our success will be driven by building lasting relationships with our clients. For this reason we place a strong emphasis on customer service and we offer completely unbiased advice – it would not serve our long term aim of maintaining a relationship with you if we did not.

Our broker service is telephone based and we serve the entire UK. This means that, unlike high street lenders, you do not need to make an appointment to talk to our advisors; they are available to you whenever our offices are open.

What to expect

We need to speak to you

In order to tailor a product recommendation to your individual circumstances it is essential that we speak to you directly, so if you submit a quote request form on our website you should expect an advisor to call you back.

If we call at an inconvenient moment, please do flag this with us and we can arrange a more suitable time to speak to you.

What we need to know

Our first discussion with you will be to ascertain and understand what your priorities and circumstances are so that we know what you are trying to achieve. We will ask a range of questions which will cover:

  • Contact details and address history
  • Current income
  • Assets and liabilities (especially existing properties)
  • Lending needs
  • Credit history
  • Employment status
  • Deposit (as applicable)

Our market analysis and product recommendation

Having built a specification for the product you want and need our next job is to go to the marketplace to find which lender’s criteria and product is the best fit for your requirements.

On many occasions clients have approached us having been turned down by other brokers for various reasons, this is where our specialist knowledge comes in and how we may be able to help where others haven’t.

Once you have been presented with a product recommendation and have agreed that you wish to proceed, your Advisor will start the application process with the lender. They will confirm all the details in writing and request the necessary supporting documents from you.

At this point your case is passed to our administrative team to drive it through to completion.

Why you can be sure our advice is 100% unbiased

We are building our business based on our core values [link to values section] and with the aim of achieving repeat business. To enjoy ongoing relationships with clients like you we know we must deliver a solution and a service which not just meets but exceeds expectation. Any self-serving agenda would harm our relationship with you and therefore harm our business, so we do not have one.

You can read independently gathered reviews from our clients here.

If you go away satisfied with our service we hope you will work with us again and recommend us to others [link to recommend a friend], and in this way we can build a sustainable and mutually beneficial business.

How do we achieve fast turnaround times?

You have the ability to affect how quickly your case is processed. First of all the accuracy of the information you give your Advisor will directly impact the accuracy of their product recommendation and therefore the ability to proceed with an application. Be clear on the facts you present to us, which means everything from the value of the property through to the status of your credit history.

For our part we have an in-house team dedicated to administering your case through to completion. It will be this team who liaise with you to gather your supporting documents and chase up any third parties involved.

It is both part of our commitment to you as our client and an essential function of our business to ensure the timeliness of your completion.