Commercial mortgage payment calculator

Use the commercial mortgage calculator to find out how much the monthly payments could be on your commercial mortgage.

This mortgage calculator provides a guide to example loan figures and is not a full commercial mortgage illustration.

Add the following information to the calculator:

  • The loan amount
  • The term length - How long you want the mortgage for
  • The interest rate

Then click the calculate button to see the monthly repayment.

Example mortgage rates to use on the calculator are from 2% to 11.99%.

Calculating the actual rate and monthly loan payment will depend on the rental yield and financial situation of a business.

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Property information

Loan amount is required.
Term length is required.
Rate is required.
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Information about commercial mortgage payments

Commercial mortgage monthly payments will depend on the deal secured with a lender.

Some lenders publish ranges of products. Others tailor the rate to the application. For this reason, it is not possible to compare all products against one another.

When discussing monthly payments, it is important to be clear on how you are paying off your loan. If you choose an interest-only product, you will make monthly payments, which do not reduce the amount of capital you originally borrowed. At the end of the term you will will still owe the capital and can remortgage, or sell the property, to pay this off (or settle the debt in some other way).

If you choose a capital repayment product, your monthly payment to the lender will pay off both the interest you are being charged and the capital you borrowed. By the end of the term you will own the property out-right.