We arrange commercial mortgages

  • Borrow between £50,000 to £15 million
  • Interest-only for full term
  • Up to 75% loan to value

See example commercial mortgage monthly repayments repayments using our calculator.

Plan and implement your proposal for a commercial mortgage using the services of our dedicated team. 

Advice for getting a commercial mortgage approved

We will ensure that our solution puts you in the best possible position to be accepted for funding and to achieve a profitable return on your investment. 

Commercial mortgage lending criteria

  • Borrow up to 75% loan to value
  • Borrow more than 75% with added security
  • Mortgage term of 3-30 years
  • Maximum borrower age 85 years

You can get commercial property finance for:

  • Owner-occupier mortgages
  • Commercial investment mortgages
  • Advice on new purchases or remortgages

We can help you if you are applying for a new commercial mortgage or are remortgaging as an owner-occupier, or you are purchasing commercial investment property to achieve rental yield and appreciation in property value.

As a broker with a wide view of available lenders, and close relationships and knowledge of products and rates we will work hard to devise a proposal that has the flexibility to fulfil your immediate and long term requirements.

No two commercial mortgages are the same, the deposit amount and mortgage rate varies according to a number of factors which are largely dictated by:

Industry – which sector you operate in
Tenant – who will be occupying the building
Length of lease

Starting a mortgage application: Your details

To begin the process of applying for a commercial mortgage we will need a number of details from you which are outlined below:

  • Summary of your business experience
  • Statement of income and expenditure and asset and liabilities
  • Business and personal bank statements from the last six months
  • Accounts showing proof of all income over the last three years
  • Tax returns and pay slips to date
  • Management accounts to date
  • Last four VAT returns (if applicable)

Starting an application: Property details

If you are applying for a commercial investment property we will need the following information about the property:

  • Property address
  • Value of the property
  • Outstanding debt
  • Existing mortgage lender
  • Existing monthly repayment amount
  • Details of the lease
  • Rental income
  • Statement of income and expenditure and asset and liabilities
  • Business and personal bank statements from the last six months

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements whether you are new to the commercial mortgage market or are have a portfolio of properties. Based on feedback from previous customers we think our insight and consultative approach will inspire confidence and it is our aim to continue to build longstanding business relationships built on trust and financial success.

Deposits for a commercial mortgage 

The lowest deposit for a commercial mortgage is 25% of the property value.

Call us on the numbers at the top of the page or submit a commercial mortgage quote enquiry and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.