Buy to let news update

Published: Friday 14 October, 2016 / Economy

Commercial Trust’s CEO Andrew Turner gives his views on the buy to let market, the factors that have shaped it over the last 6 months and looks to the future to see how things are shaping up for 2017.

The Bank of England headquarters at Threadneedle Street, London
Published: Thursday 04 August, 2016 / Economy Updated: Tuesday 09 August, 2016

In light of worsening economic conditions following Brexit, the Bank of England has cut interest rates by 0.25%.

The Houses of Parliament
Published: Thursday 14 July, 2016 / Property investment

New Prime Minister Theresa May has dismissed George Osborne from the role of chancellor of the exchequer, perhaps signalling a new political era for buy to let.

The Bank of England headquarters at Threadneedle Street
Published: Friday 01 July, 2016 / Economy

The Governor of the Bank of England has hinted at a need for looser monetary policy in the wake of the vote to withdraw from the European Union.

EU flags flying outside the Berlaymont building, Brussels
Published: Friday 24 June, 2016 / Economy

The ‘leave’ campaign has claimed a narrow victory in the referendum to decide the UK’s membership of the EU. Find out how ‘Brexit’ could affect the economy, housing market and private rental sector in the coming months and years.

Statue of Lady Justice at the Old Bailey
Published: Friday 08 July, 2016 / BTL mortgages

Thousands of landlords are set to receive payouts following a legal victory over a mortgage lender that increased its tracker rates, despite there being no movement in the Bank of England base rate.