Buy to let news update

Published: Monday 04 January, 2016 / Rental market Updated: Wednesday 04 January, 2017

Buy to let 2015: the year in review

From product boom and pension freedoms to tax clampdowns, regulation and everything beyond, read our review of the buy to let market in 2015.

Published: Tuesday 08 November, 2016 / BTL mortgages Updated: Tuesday 03 January, 2017

Buy-to-let underwriting is changing right now

The PRA is bringing about change to financially protect landlords, but are you aware of the implications for buy-to-let borrowing?

Published: Wednesday 07 December, 2016 / BTL mortgages Updated: Wednesday 21 December, 2016

4.00% pay rate limited company lifetime tracker

Lender offers 3 new limited company products - 4.00% pay rate lifetime tracker and 2 and 5 year fixed rate deals.

Published: Tuesday 12 November, 2013 / Housing market Updated: Monday 19 December, 2016

RICS data suggests 11-year high house prices

Do the latest industry figures show that Help to Buy is having negative effects on UK house prices? Read our summary of the latest UK housing news.

Published: Tuesday 03 December, 2013 / Housing market Updated: Monday 19 December, 2016

Stamp Duty suppressing prices of thousands of properties

Are you one of the thousands of sellers who have had to reduce your asking price by up to £10,000? New research reveals shocking statistics about the impact of stamp duty.

Published: Wednesday 23 November, 2016 / Economy Updated: Monday 19 December, 2016

What Hammond’s Autumn Statement means for UK landlords

Autumn Statement 2016 sees ban on letting agent fees to tenants,£2.3bn investment in Housing Infrastructure Fund to build 100,000 new homes and £1.4bn for 40,000 affordable homes.

Published: Wednesday 28 August, 2013 / House price index Updated: Monday 19 December, 2016

Scottish house prices rise by 52.9% in ten years

Scottish house prices show a huge increase in the last ten years according Registers of Scotland’s report.

Published: Friday 15 January, 2016 / Landlord law Updated: Wednesday 07 December, 2016

Right to rent deadline just two weeks away

Landlords in England have just two weeks until they must begin checking the immigration status of new tenants.

Published: Friday 14 October, 2016 / Economy Updated: Friday 02 December, 2016

Making sense of 6 months of change in Buy-to-Let

Commercial Trust’s CEO Andrew Turner gives his views on the buy to let market, the factors that have shaped it over the last 6 months and looks to the future to see how things are shaping up for 2017.