Introducer Reward Scheme

Commercial Trust is a specialist broker offering tailored product recommendations for buy to let mortgages, commercial mortgages and bridging loans, we are a telephone-based operation and as such we work with clients across the UK.

Introducer scheme for buy to let mortgage referrals

We offer a revenue share scheme to members who refer clients to Commercial Trust, which is paid after the completion of any business undertaken with us. This scheme is open to:

  • Letting agents
  • Estate agents
  • Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs)
  • Mortgage advisers
  • Other parties, subject to due diligence

An enhanced service for your clients

Our scheme members commonly work in complementary fields of industry to us, but are specialists in a different discipline. This can mean that when their clients have a requirement for a buy to let mortgage, commercial mortgage or bridging loan they are unable to help.

By working with Commercial Trust you can be confident that:

  • You can offer your client the expertise they require
  • Your clients will receive the same excellence in service that you deliver within your own specialism
  • We will not cross-sell services that conflict with your own

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Do my clients end up paying extra?

No. The revenue share we offer is possible as a result of the saving in marketing costs that we would otherwise have to pay to generate business via other means.

Why work with Commercial Trust?

It is important to us that members of our Introducer Rewards Scheme be confident that they will be working with a company they can trust and that will add value to their clients and their business.

  • Expertise: We fund training for all advisors to secure industry recognised qualifications (CeMAP)
  • Values led: Our company values are those of honesty, integrity, fairness and transparency
  • Unbiased: We are not tied to any lenders, so our recommendations are 100% unbiased
  • Efficient: We commonly secure a lender decision in principle for a buy to let mortgage within 2 hours of speaking to a client
  • Process driven: We focus on process, not outcome in isolation, to achieve business improvement. We optimise every part of our work practices so that a good result for our clients is the natural outcome.
  • Client focused: Our mission is to ‘Help our clients create a better lifestyle, build a secure future and provide a lasting financial legacy.’ Read independently gathered client reviews for an indication of how this works in practice.

Qualifying to become a Commercial Trust Introducer

We undertake due diligence checks on every introducer that we work with, so once you are happy that you would like to apply, you will be issued with a form to complete and return. If the checks result in a positive outcome we will issue you with a contract for your consideration.

To receive financial remuneration by way of our Introducer fee your company:

  1. Must gain consent from your client before sharing any of their personally identifiable details with us
  2. Understands and agrees to our dealing directly with your client

Apply now

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