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Holiday let mortgage calculator

Compare holiday let mortgage rates using our calculator.

It provides you with an indication of the interest rate and monthly repayments, as well as listing product fees and benefits.

It does not provide a full mortgage illustration and is not a guarantee of the rate you can secure.

Our team of holiday let mortgage specialists are on hand to help via live chat or phone during office hours, should you have any questions. You can submit an enquiry out of hours and we will get back to you.

Get started now - simply fill in the calculator to begin.

How to use the holiday let mortgage calculator

To see live holiday let mortgage rates, updated twice daily, put the following details into the calculator:

  • Borrowing type (remortgage, purchase, first time landlord – whether purchase or remortgage)
  • Property value
  • Loan amount (how much of the property value you want to borrow, up to a maximum of 85%)
  • Mortgage term in years
  • Repayment basis (Interest only: where you only pay the lender a fee, “interest”, for borrowing the money and not the lump sum you borrow, so you won’t own the property at the end of the term. Capital repayment: where you pay the interest and the lump sum borrowed, so you will own the property at the end of the term.

Calculate monthly costs

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Frequently asked questions

If you intend on using your home as a holiday let, you will need to switch the mortgage you are on to a holiday let mortgage. You may also need to apply for planning permission before your property is able to be on the market as a holiday let.

Lenders of holiday let mortgages typically offer to loan up to 75% of the property’s value. A specialist broker can help you as this a more niche product.

If you plan to rent out your house as a holiday home, the need for planning permission may vary depending on various factors. The specific type of house, whether any conversions are necessary, or if a change of use is required, will determine whether applying for planning permission is necessary.

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