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Lee Cologne

Sales Manager

Qualification | Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice 1, 2, 3

Lee started his career within property in 2012, at a national estate agent, as a sales negotiator. This opened his eyes to the customer service world, the importance of the client journey and the relationship of the client with both Lee as their point of contact and the property the client was purchasing/selling or renting/letting.

From here Lee moved into a more senior role as a valuer within another national estate agent. This role put Lee face to face with clients every day, in the comfort of their own home. This experience further strengthened Lee’s understanding of putting the client at the centre of all that he did and the importance of the client needs.

This path took Lee into further assistant manager and manager roles within a lettings department which continued his interest in property and people.

After joining Commercial Trust as a Mortgage Advisor in 2018, it became obvious to Lee that Commercial Trust values were all about the client, their wants and needs and how we can ensure clients received the very best customer service possible. Lee learnt further important skills within this role, after speaking with numerous different clients – from first time landlords to those with a portfolio of 100’s.

When he was appointed to the role of Sales Manager in 2021, Lee perpetuated this customer focus amongst his team. For Lee, nothing is more important than delivering excellent customer service as the path to business longevity.

"Being able to have such a positive impact on a client’s life is one of the most fulfilling aspects of our job."

Lee Cologne

Lee’s top tip

For Lee, an important part of the property investment process, is getting your financial plan established before going to view properties.

Having a discussion with a mortgage broker to establish the current marketplace and available mortgage rates can really be critical, especially if your last remortgage or purchase was some time ago.

For example, when the Bank of England Base Rate is experiencing change either upwards or downwards, mortgage lenders will be looking at future forecasts to establish where their rates need to be to remain profitable for them, but also competitive in the market.
At times of intense volatility mortgage rate changes can peak and then recede, so, this is why costing up an investment ahead of a viewing will be a much more efficient use of your time.

Lee’s most memorable case

One particularly memorable case for Lee was with a client who wanted to become a landlord, but had no previous experience and a low income, as they were still a part time student.

Other brokers had told the client he needed to be a home owner first, before he stood any chance of becoming a landlord. However, as a specialist broker we know this is not the case.

Fortunately for the client, they had persisted in their research and ended up speaking to Lee. Lee explained that Commercial Trust could help the client fulfil his hopes to start a portfolio.

The tactic Lee implemented for the client, was to secure a low value bridging loan for him. This was achieved via a joint application with one of the client’s family members. The bridging loan, with more flexible criteria, allowed the client to buy a property and as such establish the much needed experience buy to let lenders would require.

After a few months on the bridging loan, Lee arranged an exit to a buy to let mortgage – making sure that the costs were tightly controlled and the client transitioned to a cost effective long term finance option.

From this point the client has since gone on to purchase a three properties with the help of Commercial Trust. Clearly, this was a series of life changing events for that individual which, had he not spoken to us would never have come to fruition.

Lee had this to say:

“This client case really demonstrates how influential getting the right advice on property investment is. The chances are, if that client hadn’t spoken with us, he would still be dreaming of becoming a landlord. Being able to have such a positive impact on a client’s life is one of the most fulfilling aspects of our job.”

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