Limited company buy-to-let mortgages

Rate Product Monthly cost LTV Lender fee APR
2.94% then 5.29% Variable for 36 months Variable for 36 months £245 65% £1,375 5.00% Enquire
2.94% then 5.29% Variable for 36 months Variable for 36 months £245 65% £4,875 5.30% Enquire
3.00% then 5.10% Fixed for 66 months Fixed for 66 months £250 75% £2,570 4.80% Enquire
3.14% then 5.29% Variable for 60 months Variable for 60 months £261 65% £1,375 4.80% Enquire
3.14% then 5.29% Variable for 60 months Variable for 60 months £261 65% £4,875 5.10% Enquire
3.29% then 5.29% Fixed for 63 months Fixed for 63 months £274 70% £1,925 4.80% Enquire
  • Decision in principle often in 2 hours
  • Fixed and tracker products (including lifetime trackers) available
  • No maximum age limit
  • Borrow up to 85% LTV (loan-to-value)

There are a number of ways to invest in buy-to-let. Limited company structures are favoured by investors who like to exercise control over the funds they withdraw from and reinvest in their business.

Creating a limited company is also an attractive proposition for property investors who wish to retain the maximum amount of tax relief on buy-to-let mortgage interest in the future.

Get the latest rates for limited company buy-to-let mortgages and decide if it is the right path for you.

Is a limited company buy-to-let mortgage the right choice for you?

Whether a limited company is the best route for you will depend on your circumstances, your intentions for the future, and the availability of limited company mortgages to fund your future acquisitions. Be sure to seek appropriate professional advice before proceeding.

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Tax relief for limited company borrowers

Limited company borrowing has risen in popularity in the latter half of 2015 due to the Summer Budget, during which it was announced that income tax relief on buy to let finance costs, including mortgage interest, would be withdrawn for individual borrowers by 2020.

Corporation tax, not income tax – it makes a difference

As limited companies pay corporation tax and not income tax, they can allow investors to continue to offset their full business expenses against their rental income.

Am I eligible for a buy to let limited company mortgage?

If you buy to let through a limited company, the company must be what is known as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that exists only for the purchase of property and related business, such as management and disposal.

You will become a company director

As the borrower, you will need to be a director of the company and may also need to be a majority shareholder with at least 80% of the company shares registered in your name. Your advisor will be able to offer more information on the various criteria for limited company buy to let borrowing.

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