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Work out mortgage repayments when buying a UK property to let

Fill in the property information boxes on the buy to let mortgage calculator, to check repayments on the mortgage amount you would like to borrow.

IMPORTANT - The calculator provides an estimate for BTL mortgage costs. For an actual illustration, all you need to do is speak to our team today.

Calculating the rental cover needed for a buy to let mortgage

The buy to let mortgage calculator will also show you the minimum monthly rent you will need to charge to cover your buy to let interest repayments.

Our calculator assumes a minimum rental cover of 125% at the higher of the product pay rate or a 5.00% stress rate.

The rental cover can be 145% with a stress test of 5.5% applied.

Please note that buy to let lenders calculate rental cover differently, and some may require you to charge a higher or lower rent. Speak to your advisor for more information about rental cover rates.

If your repayments will be too high for you to turn a profit, or the rent you can charge won’t sufficiently cover your interest, you might consider attempting to save up a larger buy-to-let deposit.

This will reduce the cost of your mortgage in two ways. First, the outstanding amount and interest accrued will be lower. Second, you may be able to find a more competitive interest rate. Alternatively, you may be able to find a cheaper mortgage at your current deposit level. Speak to your advisor to find out more.

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Compare buy-to-let mortgage rates

Visit our mortgage comparison page to review different mortgages and repayment types, and see what interest rate you might expect to pay when purchasing a buy-to-let property.

Your mortgage repayments are likely to be your biggest monthly expenditure, and having the best matching buy to let mortgage is crucial to making a good investment.

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