Customer services

Everyone at Commercial Trust believes that success will be driven by building lasting relationships with clients. For this reason, a strong emphasis is placed on delivering world-class customer service and completely unbiased advice.

Having a telephone based service means Commercial Trust can serve the entire UK. This means that, unlike high street lenders, clients do not need to make an appointment to talk to advisors.

We take any expression of dissatisfaction very seriously, so if you do have cause to give us critical feedback or wish to share a concern, please refer to the below.


We welcome constructive criticism from clients, which can be discussed with the team dedicated to your case, and we hope that everything runs smoothly for you.

However, if you have cause to complain, our process (which is based on guidelines laid out by the Financial Conduct Authority) is outlined below.


We are committed to providing market-leading customer service to our clients. If for any reason a client is dissatisfied with our service, we wish to ensure that they are given the opportunity to voice their dissatisfaction and have access to a procedure that ensures:

  • Their concerns and views are recognised
  • When mistakes are made, the Company endeavours to put matters right as quickly and fairly as possible
  • The Company learns from mistakes and does not repeat them

How to register a complaint with Commercial Trust Limited?

Via telephone or email: Anyone wishing to raise a complaint can do so by contacting their advisor, either via their email address or direct line telephone number.

They, in turn, will be able to refer you to their manager.

In writing: Alternatively, you can raise a complaint with the Head of Compliance in writing at:

Commercial Trust Limited, Norfolk Tower, 48-52 Surrey Street, Norwich NR1 3PA

Any individual who is the subject of a complaint will under no circumstances be involved in dealing with the resolution of it.

Complaint resolution

It is our aim to resolve complaints within three working days of receipt, however where further investigation is required, we may need longer to handle your case.

Any individual who is the subject of a complaint will under no circumstances be involved in dealing with the resolution of it.


The timescales summarised below are in accordance with those stipulated by the Financial Conduct Authority:

1. Initial complaint
2. Settle within 3 working days (if possible)

We aim to resolve complaints within 3 working days of receipt. However, if significant investigation is required it is likely that more time will be required. If not resolved within 3 working days we will:

3. Issue a complaint acknowledgement letter within 5 working days
4. Undertake full and independent investigation of the complaint within 8 weeks
5. Issue Final Response letter to client

What happens once I have lodged a complaint?

In the first instance the relevant manager (subject to that person not being the subject of a complaint) with whom your complaint is raised will be responsible for achieving its resolution. If this is not possible, your complaint will be escalated to the Head of Compliance who will conduct an independent investigation. Where a discussion with a third party is necessary during our investigations your written authority will be sought, prior to any of your personal data being shared.

If we do not resolve your complaint within 3 working days of receiving it you will be issued with a letter of acknowledgement which will confirm the name, address and telephone number of the person investigating. This will be sent within 5 working days of your complaint being received.

We are permitted up to a maximum of 8 weeks to investigate a complaint. You can expect to receive a final response as soon as our investigation has been concluded.

Do you keep records of complaints?

All complaints are recorded and kept with full records of related correspondence, to include any recorded telephone calls, for a minimum of 10 years.

I am not happy with the final response to my complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the final response you receive from us, your next recourse is to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, their website can be found here: