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James Doggett

Sales Manager

Qualification | Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice 1, 2, 3

James has worked in the property and finance sector since 2017, after a successful period at a well-known estate agent, James joined Commercial Trust in 2018 and began as a buy to let mortgage advisor.

Prior to this, he worked in retail for 9 years. James feels his background in fast-paced environments has been a key factor in him assisting Commercial Trust clients, who want to move quickly when they spot an opportunity to increase their portfolio, or maximise returns on a specific property.

Those time-restricted cases led to James’ interest in bridging finance, and the ability to complete cases in a matter of days. James now heads up our bridging and commercial team, looking after a team of advisors who are equally passionate about delivering a great service for our clients.

James feels that at a key selling point of our brokerage is the time, training and support we put into our staff, which means our clients get the very best level of service and expertise when dealing with us. Training is ongoing throughout the careers of our operational teams here, and is carried out to a very high standard.

This means that whether a client is purchasing their first or fortieth property, we deliver an excellent service tailored to that individual.

"Clients rely on us to help them make life-changing financial decisions. We take this trust very seriously."

James Doggett

James’ top tip

Given how the market has changed, post-Covid and the macro economic and political environment, James believes a good broker is more important than ever.

With lenders changing criteria on an almost daily basis James highlights that it would be near impossible for a client to keep up to date on this, where using a specialist broker will save you time and allow you access to the best deals available.

As an example, the way in which lenders calculate how much you can borrow, has changed countless times over the last twelve months. As a specialist broker, our team of experts will be able to find you the best option meaning you may be able to afford a larger investment and maximise your return by charging a larger amount of rent.

James’ most memorable client case

The deal that stands out to James is a client that came to Commercial Trust on a portfolio loan, with a specialist lender, paying close to £10,000 a month on their mortgage. The client had been advised previously to put two buy to let properties and his commercial investment property on one mortgage, as a result, he was paying far more than he could have been.

James’ team were able to remortgage all three properties individually, the two residential units to a buy to let lender and the commercial premises was refinanced with a more mainstream lender, significantly reducing the rate on all three properties. By the time all three deals successfully completed, the client’s monthly payments had been greatly reduced putting them in a much better position to invest further.

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Buy to let mortgages

Mortgages for houses, flats, Houses of Multiple Occupation or holiday lets, Invest in personal name or via a limited company.

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Bridging loans

You can fund property investments quickly, buy at auction or buy property not yet fit to occupy, because it needs renovating with a bridging loan.

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Commercial mortgages

Buy property to be used for business purposes, either to run your own company from or to rent out to commercial tenants.

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Development finance

Raise funds for ground-up builds, for small or large scale projects, where you intend to develop and sell, or retain property and rent it out.

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