Tenant referencing letters and templates

Make tenant referencing easy

These free-to-use documents and templates can help landlords reference a new tenant. Every document is in an editable format, allowing you to easily tailor them to suit your own business process.

Check your tenant’s identity

Use the tenant identity check letter to request the needed documents and establish a professional relationship with your tenant. Edit the document to request more documents as you see fit. Then keep a record of the documents you have checked using the tenant identification certificate.

Ask the previous landlord for a reference

Get a good picture of your prospective new tenant by asking their previous landlord about their experiences.

  • Did the tenant pay rent on time and in full? You need regular payments to service a mortgage
  • Did the tenant leave the property in good order?
  • Was the tenant reasonable in their dealings with their landlord and neighbours?
  • Has the landlord ever served notice on the tenant?
  • Would the landlord rent to the tenant again?

Is your tenant a first-time renter? Request a character reference

A tenant who is moving into rented accommodation for the first time might give the name of an alternative referee, such as an ex-employer, doctor or solicitor. Use the character reference request letter template to obtain confirmation of your tenant’s identity and suitability as a renter.

Ask for employment references to confirm your tenant’s income

Confirm your tenant’s salary in order to be sure that they will be able to meet their rental obligations. You may also wish to check if your tenant is on a temporary or permanent contract and if they are under notice or in a probationary period. We have provided an employer reference request letter template for this purpose.


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